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What is "Customer Voice"

Online reviews are the first thing a consumer reads when searching for a business online.

Customer Voice is a powerful tool to get you more customer reviews and boost your star rating!

Customer Voice makes it easy to collect customer reviews after they’ve visited the business and when they’re most likely to leave a review.

We believe that businesses should have the ability to:
– Request feedback from their customers
– Participate in online conversations
– And ask for reviews online while addressing negative feedback offline.

More on "Customer Voice"

Manage Customers

You can import customer information one at a time or in bulk. Use the “Customers” tab to do that.
When creating new customers you must include a phone number or an email address so that the request can be sent.
From the customer tab page, you can also see at a glance the status of your most recent sent requests, so you know who to target next.

Manage Templates

With Customer Voice you have the power to generate more reviews and increase your review ratings.
With a couple clicks, you can reach your customers via email or text and collect reviews on the sites that are most important to their business.
These SMS and email templates are customizable, so you can alter them to fit your needs.

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