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Below please find two free, but very valuable offers:
1-  Free analysis of your web presence and tips to improve it
2-  A couple of very well written reports on Digital Marketing

We offer you a FREE web presence analysis called The Snapshot Report
It is an award-winning, automated marketing needs assessment
It ranks your website for all the important SEO triggers. 

This report is a very informative in-depth analysis divided into seven sections. 
In order to create this personalized analysis report for you, we need your website domain name.

For more information and to view a sample of The Snapshot Report

2- Free Digital Marketing Reports

We offer two reports about online Marketing with vital content for every business owner who wants to improve their online presence.
Each of these reports contains about 14 well-written pages with crucial information that every small business owner needs to know. You be the judge!
These reports are PDF files and are free, which does not, in any way, diminish their value. You can take a look at them, first, and then decide whether you want to download them.
There is NO need for your name or email address. Enjoy them!

Free Report #1:

How to Get More Local Customers with Local Search Ranking

A complete strategy to gaining more local customers by ranking in local search. Google states right on their page how they determine local ranking. They are: relevance, distance, and prominence. Learn more about these 3 main factors, plus much more. 

By combining some or all of the factors in this report and taking meaningful action, you can build your online presence into a powerful brand to dominate the top of local search.

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Free Report #2:

Digital Marketing For Small Business Owners – The 80/20 Rule

Digital marketing is absolutely the key to success for pretty much every single business. With close to all new customers today first finding a business online, it’s safe to say that if you don’t nail the specifics of digital marketing, you’re just not going to be successful, particularly if you are a new business.

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More Free Reports

We have more information and reports on Digital
Marketing of the same quality than the reports found here.
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