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The Snapshot Report is an In-Depth Analysis of Your Web Presence

Enter your information on the form and we will send you a report on your online presence, and how you stack up against your competition.

The report focuses on critical areas including:

  • Website conversions
  • SEO
  • Listings
  • Social factors and more

Get the insights into your digital presence and find out what things are definitely impacting your ability to secure more business.

How The Snapshot Report Looks

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Some data and images have been blurred for privacy.

To see how The Snapshot Report looks

Additional Notes on the Snapshot Report

“It is an in-depth analysis of your web presence”

We will generate the report for you based on the information that you provided, so please make sure that the name, company, email address and website are complete and correct. Otherwise the report will be incomplete or wrong.

We will process your request quickly, however, The Snapshot Report needs at least 24 hours to become more accurate.

The Organic Keywords Performance Section doesn’t tell about your competitors but rather all businesses that are competing for the same keyword than you are competing. These businesses may or may not be in the same industry.

The Organic Keywords Ranking Section is generated directly from Google and is very accurate.